Kicking Punching Bags

by Big Phony



This album was made with the help of some amazing friends.

Chris Joyner - Keys
Jason Hiller - Bass, Drums
Jin Soo Lim - Lapsteel
Michael Duffy - Drums
Brian Won - Artwork


released January 26, 2010

Produced by Jason Hiller



all rights reserved


Big Phony Republic of Korea

I Hate Big Phony

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Track Name: I Love Lucy

...and she slept with a son of a gun
How he loved to lie and lie, and she bought every one
Now she's up all night, I think she'll be fine as long as she wants

She counts the days to getting well
She's like a soldier on the run
Caught in the service of true love
Now she's watching "I Love Lucy" two times a day to set the mood

...and she gave up a part of herself
How she'd love to find/unwind that part of her life
Now she's up all night, I think she'll be fine as long as she wants

She talks to God to ease her mind
Talks to herself to pass the time
Brings a whole other meaning to the nothings you say, "you see...", "(I'm) alright", and "(I'm) okay"
Now she's watching "I Love Lucy" two times a day to set the mood

The keys on the table collecting dust
I wonder when she will answer us
It's nothing she did but I understand
It's no good, it sucks, you're mad

Enough to watch I love lucy two times a day to set the mood
Now she's watching I love lucy three times today to shed the mood
Track Name: Where's My June Carter?

What's up with the forecast this january?
I've never seen so little snow
And somebody somewhere (with a broken wing)
Somebody's hoping for identical things

It's just once in a lifetime or maybe it's twice
Or maybe I should watch what I say
To "die to yourself" is just a figure of speech
To give yourself away

Where's my june carter?
Where's my peggy sue?

The seventies brought them from foreign lands
Neither of them looking for love
Mom was a waitress
Dad was a drag
Until they finally met

So tell me something new
Like I find someone soon
To finalize the past
By framing photographs

Somebody's singing the same
Song in a different way
And with nothing to lose

There's an older man walking to a newborn beat
With a sample of good things to come
He said "son if there's one thing that you need to know
Nothing is written in stone"

So find your June Carter
Sarang han Cha Jung Sook
Life fares so much harder
Without someone to lose

And find your better half
When I can't I know she can
She can...
Track Name: Words That Define

"I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ
I believe His name brings healing and life"
These are the words of dear mother

"I was 57 when I left this earth
It makes more sense in heaven boy, your meaning and worth"
These are the words of my father, now gone

"We have acted anchor, even more than we know
We'll always get your back brother if you ever go broke"
These are the words of 2 brothers, I hope

I am just a loser turned winner despite
All my disappointments, shortcomings and hype
These are the words that describe my life
These are the words that define my life
I am my mother, my brothers, my father, and future wife
Track Name: Short Intermission

Lie if anybody calls
You can say I'm out of town if they really want to know
I need time to finish to what I started

I only want to be alone
I'm sick of all the noise from all the yelling
I don't have a choice, I don't make the rules
With too much to do in a short intermission

But it's not like that I had more to say, do you?

And the drugs are not enough...

So I pray to fill a need
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
A humble act of piety
Gotta get there

But it's not like that I had more to say to you
And it's all a lie if I tell you "I want out"

Gotta get there to you
Gotta get there soon
Track Name: The Bully

The king of the block
He had a way with words, with even a lack of them
Fist to the face, he didn't like the way you'd stand up to him

He got a bone to pick, he got a fight to start
Just for the heck of it and bring your own tourniquet
Give him a dime to steal, he had a motorbike
Kind of feel bad for him, mind your bloody nose
He's waving goodbye as he says...

"Sorry for the way I kicked your head in all those times"
The Bully - saved a life

Still, son of a man he was a Yankees fan
So he can't be all that bad
And 9 out of 10 they offer to pay for their sins
Then in forgiving them you feel like you're born again

One at a time you see they're likely to set you free
Supply you with confidence, the fruit of the past offense
So give him a dime to steal he's got a motorbike
It's okay to feel bad for them, mind your bloody nose
So wave him goodbye as he says...

"Sorry for the way I kicked your head in all those times"
The Bully - saved a life

It's so hard to see it in your enemies
Track Name: A Country Apart
A Country Apart

I want the front of the line
but it feels like it's taking a lifetime
I am a country apart

I want more capital gain
In the form of an honest mistake
Give me the good kind of pain

I want that new state of mind
That or a new pair of eyes

I want I want I want
Things I could do but I know that I won't
I want to see underneath
What you got there
What you got?

I need some kind of change
The progress minus the wait
Maybe we speed up the pace
Maybe today

I want that new state of mind
Don't have much money
But plenty of time

and I know you want it too
Yes I know you want it too
We'll go get it another day...
Track Name: Unwritten Songs

I hear your unwritten songs almost everyday
Your voice from all directions
Like a punch in the face out of love, and without the blood
Thank you...

For words that speak to all kinds of people who didn't even know you
Who all came across wanted answers
All of them written in song
And even now that you're gone
It's like you are writing still continual ones
So thank you

What/who made you happy?
What made you angry?
What caused you to sing of certain memories?
Sometimes you would sing about pain, or considered the gain
How fucked up the world is, or of things we all wanted...

It was more than enough in a way
But was it all that you wanted to say?
All that you wanted to do in a life?

I hear your unwritten songs almost everyday
Your voice from all directions
and we all sing along in the memory of a beautiful life
And we'll go on listening, to keep it alive

Thank you, Elliott
Track Name: Talk of the Town

Live in a bloodshot, never stop look about it kinda town
Where you can get your fix in, lady line, anytime you are down
Hey Susie looks a better now
I often wonder how

I took the fast track, little lack, bought a new shiny car
But everybody knows that circus act will never get you very far
Haven't had a toke in a while
It's never been so hard to quit

And I belong further away over there
Sweet Jesus won't you take me

Hear the bum shout, knock em out, take a walk round the block
It'll take you to a bitter end, your oldest friend, a well deserved whisky shot
This one's to the talk of the town
Bartender one more round, then that's it